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Susan McCallum

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Burnaby
Languages: English

Susan is a professional artist and children's illustrator. Her work can be seen in books and interactive websites. Susan's green-screen watercolours created the world for a TV series; the series garnered a prestigious Rockie Award of International Distinction. Susan is a graduate of Kwantlen College Visual Arts and Graphic Design. Soon after graduation, she created limited animations for Sesame Street. Susan develops and facilitates imaginative, meaningful and inspiring art projects. With Susan's exceptional support and compassion she is often invited to work with alternate schools. She has developed and facilitates an art program for FASD teens.


Not only does she provide worthwhile experiences for students teaching them about the principals of art, but she always tailors her workshops to make them relevant to her young learners and their lives. Peggy Bochun, Coordinator, District Fine Arts

Project Examples

Children's Book Illustration

Students illustrate their own story or poem. Drawing skills included are shading, perspective, portrait porportions, figure drawing, layout and working with colour. The students first plan their illustrations on the story board the final copy is drawn on a good quality rag presention board in an accordian-style book. Excellent for display and the project can be adapted to grade level.

Brush Strokes with Susan

This is an art program that includes your entire school in painting canvases with acrylic paint and then presenting a fund raising art show! The school chooses a theme, Susan works with individual classes to sketch out their painting image. Colour, shading and editing are practiced. Susan supplies most materials. Students join with another class to paint their 8" x 10" canvas; student volunteers help. The painting room is alive with creativity and students focus on their paintings. Susan provides black floor length table cloths for the evening art show, a stunning presentation of childrens art at its best! An exciting community event!

We Are One

A project honouring culture, idenity and family. The focus is developing listening, drawing, watercolour painting and repetitive pattern development skills. Students interviewed elders or people who have made a difference in their lives. Stories are written out within a paper silhouette of themselves symbolizing the story has now become part of them. Watercolour techniques to paint a scene described to them by the person who shared with them. They design a border inspired by the art of the county of origin. A unique multimedia portrait technique. Each student combined all these elements in a graphic presentation, powerfully moving.

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