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Red Sky Performance

Discipline: Theatre
Homebase: Ontario
Languages: English

Red Sky is Canada's leading company of contemporary Indigenous performance in dance, theatre and music. This multi-award-winning company was founded by artistic director Sandra Laronde in 2000. Red Sky creates, innovates, produces, tours and makes lasting connections anchored here in Canada and around the world. It has ignited the imaginations of 675,000 people in nine countries on four continents.


Red Sky soars, a fast-paced show, we go through a whole series of emotions and narrative twists and come out the other end with a nice complete experience intact. Toronto Star
The fun, and the beauty, of this high-spirited performance... What sets the whole show apart is, in a word, joy. Edmonton Journal

Performances & Workshops


Grade Suitability: K - 7
Duration: 45 mins.
Capacity: 400 students
Tech Requirements: performance space of 30' x 30' x9'high
Fee Range: $985 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

Mistatim is about the taming of a wild horse and the forging of the truest of friendships. It is a story of reconciliation for children and their families. Under a big prairie sky, a simple wooden fence is all that separates Calvin on his ranch and Speck on her reservation, but in many ways they are worlds apart - that is, until a wild horse named Mistatim turns their world upside down.

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