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Mohamed Assani and John Oliver

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Burnaby
Languages: English, French, Hindi, Urdu

Tune Trips features two seasoned and passionate musicians and collaborators, Mohamed Assani and John Oliver. Mohamed is a renowned sitarist who is trained in both Western and Indian classical music. John is an award winning composer and a master guitarist who has vast experience of working with musicians from diverse backgrounds. Both Mohamed and John like the challenge and excitement of adapting their music to new sounds and styles. They are based in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories.


Tune Trips took us on a journey around the world and helped us realize the connections we all share through music. The students had a chance to participate, sing and hear the stories of the instruments. We are delighted to recommend them. Pauline Meugens, Principal, Cameron Elementary
Mohamed and John are not only musicians of the highest calibre, but also effortless communicators and educators who bridge the traditional gap between performer and audience. Sirish Rao, Artistic Director, Indian Summer Festival

Performances & Workshops

NEW artist for 2017-18

Tune Trips

Grade Suitability: K - 12
Duration: 45 mins. + Q&A
Capacity: 800 students
Tech Requirements: 3 tables, chair, access to power, projector & screen
Fee Range: $735 - $910 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Starting with a folk tune from Afghanistan, two of Vancouver's most celebrated world musicians, Mohamed Assani and John Oliver, take young audiences on a musical journey around the world. Using ruan, sitar, guitar, tabla, keyboard and electronic instruments, they show how a traditional folk tune transforms when it leaves Afghanistan and travels to China, Moorish Spain, India, Brazil and finally present-day Canada. This unique new show invites young audiences to be fellow travellers in an interactive musical journey exploring musical adaptation across time and place. Using the medium of music, Mohamed and John share lessons about how people adapt and impact each other when they travel to new places. At the heart of Tune Trips is a message about our interconnectedness - that despite borders and nationalities, we share more than we may think and impact each other in amazing ways.

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