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Ewa Sniatycka

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Lake Cowichan
Languages: English

Ewa Sniatycka BFA, MEd, is an artist, university instructor and professional arts educator. She has a background in gallery/museum education and school programs. Since 1993 she has been engaging students and curriculum through experiences with art, artifact and/or environment. Drawing and writing, as tools for inquiry and reflection, form the foundation of her practice. As Artmobilewa, she creates site-specific residency projects in Elementary schools and K-7 classrooms. The residencies are collaborative and responsive, tailored to foster a shift towards art-based inquiry. Projects begin with drawing and writing and can springboard into painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and textiles. Professional Development workshops are available upon request. Ewa has worked as an Infusion Teaching Artist for the Infusion: Arts in Education program, an intensive and sustained professional learning program for artists and teachers focused on arts integration in schools across BC.


It was so exciting to watch their burgeoning skill level in drawing. Ewa was so skilled at bringing out the best in each student. Also she was so creative in tying our outdoor education unit to Andy Goldsworthy. Wonderful!

Project Examples

Story Fabrics

Exploration of the storytelling potential shape and colour. Choose from a variety of materials and techniques including fabric collage, felting, knitting, stitching, batik and soft sculpture. Projects are designed in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

Ideas in Clay

Exploration of clay in relation to a variety of curricular areas: Students will be introduced to forming methods and surface decoration including pinch, coil, slab, coloured slips, stains and underglazes. Interactions are designed in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

Drawing on Experience: Sketchbook Journals

This program is an introduction to arts-based inquiry and curricular integration. We explore drawing from observation and descriptive writing as tools for investigating and reflecting our experiences. Interactions are designed in collaboration with the classroom teacher to support specific curricular needs. The process is portable and useful on field trips, in the classroom and in the studio. Investigations documented in the sketchbook can be used as a springboard for further research or explorations in other materials or techniques.

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