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Cathy Kluthe

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Richmond
Languages: English

Cathy has a special talent motivating and engaging students to explore multimedia materials with multicultural themes. Students develop painting and drawing skills, explore colour theory, understand composition and learn to take risks in their art projects. Each student's artwork becomes very unique as they are allowed to express their individual personalities. Each art project follows the BC Ministry curriculum for visual arts. The sample art projects are flexible to create cross-curricular themes. As an advocate for the arts, she understands how the arts can develop creative thinking. A graduate from Red Deer College and Alberta College of Art, her major is Fine Arts and Design and Visual Communications. Cathy worked as an illustrator and graphic designer and exhibits her artwork locally and abroad.


Catherine Kluthe is an experienced classroom teacher who consistently demonstrates excellent class skills and is an inspirational practitioner for our students. She takes great pride in the works produced by her students. Students enjoy her art lessons and often opt for art as an extra extension activity. Cathy presents a variety of mediums and art techniques to the students who respond with imaginative and creative outcomes. Each student's body of work is valued and constructive advice is always given to further enhance learning. Ray Probyn, Principal, Choice School
Cathy Kluthe instructed a six-week printmaking class at the Richond Arts Centre in the winter of 2012. Feedback from adult clientele at the end of the sessions indicated that participants found the class helped them learn new skills, gain confidence and also gave them a sense of hope. One client described Ms Kluthe as a wonderful, helpful and patient instructor. All clients surveyed said that they would recommend the class to a friend. Irene Shim, Occupational Therapist
My son Alex has taken Ms Kluthe's art class for a year and he really enjoys it. They do a lot of really creative and awesome work. Alex has experienced a variety of art, such as sculpture, oil painting, clay, painting on ceramics, etc. Alex has fun and is learning, too. Parent

Project Examples

Master Artist Series

Students will be introduced to the many concepts of expressive arts, painting, drawing and comparing the differences each artist uses. There are many ways to create art: realism, expressionism, borrowing ideas from our imagination, drawing what you see, painting a still life using line and patterns. Students can walk away knowing what their form of artistic expression is.

Multicultural Workshops

I am passionate about introducing cultures through the arts, allowing them to appreciate the beauty in all cultures. Workshops can include: Elephant Parade (celebration of the parades in Asian countries, a continuous composition of highly decorated elephants), Chinese Painting (black inks and Chinese brushes, how to make your own ink and the versatility of the Chinese brush on rice paper), Miniature Paintings (the importance of discipline and a very fine brush to help strengthen fine motor skills), Indonesian Arts (traditional painting of lush green jungle and animals inspired by a rhythmic painting from Bali, pencil and watercolours), Totem Poles (charcoal, white chalk and tempera paint), Japanese Scrolls (oil pastels and ink are used to create scrolls with Japanese icons such as bamboo, koi fish and kimonos. I have a beautiful collection of kimonos, obi sashes and wooden sandals for the students to be inspired by and have an opportunity to try on).

Drawing Texture Techniques: Dark, Medium and Light Tones

This workshop focuses on basic and advanced drawing techniques that include shading, line, texture and composition. I'll choose a subject that is suitable for their studies and amaze them with how they can draw something to look 3D. Students are taught the mechanics of drawing that they can incorporate into other artistic materials. This workshop tends to boost most students' confidence in their drawing abilities.

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