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Amanda Wood

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English

Amanda Wood is a weaver and dyer. She is interested in the hands-on nature of her work and loves sharing multi-sensory material exploration with different kinds of learners to create trusting, inquiry-based learning experiences. She will always allow the natural discovery process to play out, outside whenever possible. Amanda has a BA in Communications from SFU and a diploma in Textile Art from Capilano University. Her work has been included in a number of group exhibitions and has also been included in the book Strange Material: Storytelling Through Textiles.


Amanda was able to provide an environment for the children to take risks by setting up a safe learning space for them to explore and ask questions. Their curiosity and natural sense of wonder was honoured when Amanda asked the question, 'what do you wonder about?' She is able to bring relevant art experiences into the classroom, which benefits the learning styles of all children. Her projects are multi-sensory and experiential and connect children to the process of art. She is a professional who works well with others. She was able to hear my ideas as well as broaden my vision to see the opportunities for inquiry through purposeful play. Any child she works with will be engaged in a truly unique creative experience. Taz Ismail, Teacher, Tyee Elementary
Thank you so much for introducing our children to weaving and teaching them how to use a loom. Our son was absolutely enthralled by the experience. So much so that for his sixth birthday he only had one present request: a loom of his very own. Fortunately, we found a small, children's version of a loom at our local arts store. He is now busily working away on his first multi-coloured woven placemat. We know that this interest was 100% generated by your teaching and we are so grateful that you have been so generous and giving with your time and knowledge. Parent, Tyee Elementary
Amanda Wood has been a volunteer in my classroom in the Montessori setting. Her love and dedication to give children an experience of how things are made in the world is her strong focus. Each child was able to see a table loom and use it to make a 10"x10" piece of weaving. Her patience and care gave the children the confidence they needed to complete the task. Becky Evermon, Teacher, Tyee Elementary

Project Examples

Natural Dye Explorations

Explore the senses with a variety of natural dye experiences. Workshops can be customized to include foodstuffs that would otherwise be composted, block printing with natural pigments, resist dyeing with indigo or using the natural shapes within plants to create imagery through eco-printing. There are many possible outcomes and curricular connections that can be made. Dyed cloth can also be transformed into anything we can imagine to develop narratives or further create personal connections.

Open Studio

Amanda loves to share the artistic process. Textiles offer many opportunities to explore materials with all of our senses while also integrating almost any aspect of curriculum. Amanda is also well versed in a number of design activities that can help develop a child's artist eye. She is happy to customize a workshop or additional sessions based on class needs. Past projects have included finger knitting, yarn bombing, or material or design explorations.

Weaving Stories

Weaving can be used to explore pattern, simple machines, storytelling and even binary code while developing fine motor skills. In addition to learning the techniques of weaving, children will also experience the full design process. They will begin with choosing materials and developing a considered design, then we will make simple looms together that can be used over again. We'll learn a number of plain weave techniques. Alternative materials like recycled paper, natural materials and found objects can all be incorporated. Children can work on individual weavings or as a group to make bookmarks, tablemats, pouches or wall hangings.

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